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Montana Sister State Relationships

Many Montana communities have benefited from international relationships with regions of other nations by enriching our cultural diversity and global understanding. The State of Montana and cities across the State have established a number of formal and informal international relationships. These relationships vary in the level of activities and are ultimately dependent upon citizen involvement for creating dynamic exchange opportunities and welcoming visitors.

Montanans have enjoyed a wide range of educational and culture exchanges including music, sports, business, performing and visual arts, and traditional festivals. Conversely, Montana students, teachers, performing artists and citizens have been afforded the opportunity to travel abroad and participate in exchange events. These exchange programs have helped put Montana on the world map as a tourist destination and place of academic excellence.

Establishing long-term international relationships and building trust is paramount to doing business globally. Sister state relationships formalized with other governments legitimize the efforts of the private sector and illustrate a commitment to long-term relationships. Sister state relationships provide companies another way of establishing and strengthening their international networks. Since these exchanges and relationships are already in place, the people you meet will know a little bit about where you are from and may have even met other Montanans. When you travel to a sister region, you will be greeted as much more than a potential business partner; you will be welcomed as a friend.

Montana's Formalized Sister-State Relationships

Kumamoto Prefecture, JAPAN
Taiwan Province, TAIWAN
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, CHINA


Other State of Montana Relations

Patagonia Region (Argentina /Chile)
(formed through Partners of the Americas)

Republic of Kyrgyzstan
(formed under a NATO/US Department of Defense initiative and staffed by the Montana Department of Military Affairs)

Montana's Sister-City Relationships

Bozeman -Turrialba, Costa Rica. Muren, Mongolia. Rivas, Nicaragua
Butte - Altensteig, Germany (1991)
Great Falls - Sharya, Russia
Havre - Maple Creek, Saskatchewan
Livingston - Naganohara, Japan
Missoula - Neckargemuend, Germany
Missoula - Palmerston North, New Zealand

Formalized sister sate relationships between U.S. communities and other nations began after World War II and became a national effort when President Eisenhower proposed the ‘People to People’ program in 1956. The basic concept is to promote international understanding at the local level and create a framework for the exchange of people, ideas and culture.

For more information about the People to People Program, please visit their website at:

301 S. PARK AVE. | P.O. BOX 200533 | HELENA, MT 59620-0533 |  T: 406.841.2870 |  F: 406.841.2871 | TDD: 406.841.2702