State Tribal Economic Development Commission

The State Tribal Economic Development Commission (STEDC) works in a government-to-government relationship to expand and improve economic prosperity opportunities for each of the eight tribal nations through business expansion, capital access, manufacturing, tourism, agriculture and community development. The Governor appoints 11 members, including one from each of the eight tribal governments in Montana.  

The Commission was established in the Native American Economic Development Act of 1999. This commission is tasked with assisting, promoting, developing, and providing initiative recommendations for accelerating economic development on these Reservations in the areas of business expansion, manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, and community development.

The Commission cooperates and acts in conjunction with other public and private organizations for the benefit tribal communities; identifies, obtains, and coordinates governmental and private sector gifts, grants, loans, and donations to further economic development on Indian Reservations in Montana. Montana Code Annotated 90-1-131 through 90-1-135.

The Commission is composed of eleven Governor-appointed members representing the eight tribal nations in Montana, the Directors of Indian Affairs and Commerce, and the Chief Business Development Officer of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.  Public meetings occur throughout Montana on a quarterly basis.


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