Summer Mountain Biking

Eastern Montana’s unique landscapes, historical and cultural sites, and opportunities for outdoor recreation are an undiscovered treasure full of untapped possibilities for economic growth.

The Office of Tourism and Business Development is partnering with communities across eastern Montana through the Eastern Montana Tourism Partner Initiative to strengthen and diversify local and regional economies, in part by raising awareness of eastern Montana as a tourism destination.

MOTBD is investing in long-term efforts, including regional marketing, grants, staff expertise and access to new data to support the region’s goals of enhancing marketing efforts, strengthening tourism amenities and creating vibrant communities where families want to live.

"We have untold potential in eastern Montana to share our spectacular landscapes and unique, authentic experiences with visitors who can’t find what we have to offer anywhere else,” said Beth Epley, executive director of the Eastern Plains Economic Development Corporation located in Baker. “No one knows our story better than we do, but we need enhanced resources to get the word out about the untapped adventures right here in the eastern half of our state. With the Eastern Montana Tourism Partner Initiative, we can start to build the infrastructure we need to support more tourism, attract more visitors and give them a place to stay – all of which will help grow our local economy in the long-run.”


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