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The Malting Industry in Montana

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Page updated 12/23/2014


The finest barley on the continent is grown and produced right here in Montana, and the best Malting Iconof these grains is sold as malting barley. Montana is second in the nation for craft breweries per capita, with over 50 breweries now operating in the state, and more under development. The increase in local demand for malt has convinced the state’s biggest maltster, Malteurop, to provide malted barley in smaller volumes, more appropriately sized for local craft brewers.

Montana’s long history as an agricultural producer means that a number of key assets to the malting industry are already in place. Montana growers are known for producing the highest quality grains in the world, stemming from a deep understanding of how varieties respond to different environments – precisely what maltsters spend much time perfecting.

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Are you interested in starting a business in the malting industry? If you would like information regarding funds that may be available to conduct a feasibility study, market research, or for other industrial development purposes, visit the Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund website at

Are you already in the malting industry looking to expand or grow your business? For information about workforce training, visit the Primary Sector Workforce Training Grant program website at, and for marketing or export assistance, visit the Office of Trade and International Relations website at

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