Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development Programs

Division Administration

Contact Jenny Pelej, Division Administrator 406.841.2896

For general inquiries, contact the front desk at 406.841.2870


Budget and Operations

The Budget and Operations Bureau manages the division's House Bill 2 and Lodging Facility Use Tax ('bed tax') budgets, oversees customer relationship management, fulfills orders of division publications, and provides internal administrative support.

Contact Anna Marie Moe at 406.841.2797


Business Assistance

The Business Assistance Bureau connects businesses and entrepreneurs with the tools to create and grow market opportunities and jobs.

Contact Wayne Johnston at 406.841.2783


Industry Services and Outreach

The Industry Services and Outreach Bureau is the outreach and education arm of the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development. It helps to connect Montana businesses and organizations with division resources through workshops, trainings, public relations, and programs such as Made in Montana. It also administers the $1 million tourism grant program.

Contact Jan Stoddard at 406.841.2894



The Marketing Bureau promotes Montana as a vacation destination to domestic and international audiences through paid, earned, and owned media. Major programs include consumer advertising, digital marketing, public relations, and social media. The bureau offers financial assistance through joint venture and niche marketing grant programs.

Contact Marlee Iverson at 406.841.2895


Research and Information Services

The Research and Information Services Bureau provides Montana businesses, communities, and government access and use of the right information for decision-making and facilitates processes related to siting, permitting, workforce and financing all to grow the Montana economy, create jobs and improve communities.

Contact Mary Craigle at 406.841.2742