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Montana’s Public Lands Are Open for Business

Friday, January 19, 2018/Categories: Market MT, Tourism

Montana’s exceptional snow conditions and world-class access to outdoor recreation will not be impacted by a possible federal government shutdown. Montana and its public lands will be open for business and ready to serve up Montana’s incredible winter experience.

Even if the federal government shuts down, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks will remain open to recreation. Any roads already open will remain open. The National Park Service will continue to provide emergency services and law enforcement.

Nonessential NPS services, such as visitor centers, will be unavailable. However, concessioners providing services inside of the parks will operate as usual to preserve the visitor experience.

In Yellowstone, both winter hotels (Mammoth Hot Springs and Old Faithful Snow Lodge) and associated restaurants and gift shops will be open. Snowcoach service between Mammoth and the Snow Lodge will continue. Regular activities and tours will continue as well, unless limited by snow accumulation.

Guided snowmobile trips with commercial operators will be allowed, however, non-commercially guided snowmobile trips will not be allowed during the shutdown.

In Glacier, winter already limits certain access and services. No change to the visitor experience is anticipated as a result of the possible federal government shutdown.

National Forest Service trails for winter activities will remain open, although visitors are encouraged to purchase any required permits (such as snowmobile, ski, or snowshoe) in advance from a retail store.

Outside of national public lands, Montana State Parks will be open as usual.


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