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Internationally Acclaimed Profit Mastery Course Available Online for a Discounted Rate through September

Wednesday, May 24, 2017/Categories: Small Business Development Center Network

The Montana Small Business Development Center Network is now offering Profit Mastery, a course to help businesses achieve greater profitability, online. The course will be offered at a discounted rate of $195 through September 30, 2017.

Profit Mastery is an internationally acclaimed live seminar and high-definition online streaming video course designed to take the mystery out of numbers and enable better business decisions. Lessons will teach you how to monitor your company's financial position, identify causes of (and remedies for) financial distress, as well as how to manage and understand costs, contribution margins, and your income statement and balance sheet.

"I've learned more on how to effectively manage my business in this class than anywhere in my life. I feel empowered," said Jesse Felder, Montana SBDC client, about Profit Mastery training at the Kalispell SBDC.

The course includes a free downloadable PDF workbook and is conveniently self-paced in a high-definition streaming format. If students need help, SBDC business advisors are available for free counseling at Students may also attend live courses when available in their area. The SBDC training calendar is kept up to date with the latest classes scheduled.

View the syllabus, a Profit Mastery success story video from Montana company JE Engineering, and more at To register, click here. On the checkout page, click "Add to Cart." Use coupon code MTPMU, then click "Apply" to receive the program for $195.


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