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Quotes and Testimonials

Anne Marie Quinn, Montana Molecular,
These funds are so important to growing Montana tech businesses!  Here's hoping that funding will continue in the future, and be adequate to support all of the Montana companies who are a success at competing nationally for SBIR funds.

Paulette Jones, Meadowlark Science and Education, LLC
Thank you for all that you do for the small business effort in Montana.

Clifford Bradley, Montana BioAgriculture, Inc.
The  matching funds have been extremely important in providing support for this project both in flexibility and in enabling us to continue work between USDA phase I and phase II funding.  It is a pleasure to work with you both.

Peter Roos, Bridger Photonics
Without the support of MSMFP, and especially the funding to bridge the gap between the NIST phase I and phase II contracts we would not have found the control electronics failure issue as early as we did, which may have endangered our chances of successfully completing the NIST phase II contract.  As it stands, Bridger is now in a good position to fulfill the requirements of the phase II contract, and to develop a distance metrology product based on the new laser source.

Anne Marie Quinn, Montana Molecular
Please also let the Board know that our commercialization activities continue to go very well and we expect to more than double our annual sales again.  So far in June we have large orders from both Merck and Novartis, two of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world.  Our continued growth would not be possible without MBRCT and MSMFP support!

Peter Roos, Bridger Photonics
Your support has been very valuable on this project and we fully anticipate continuing our 100% hit rate (far exceeding standard hit rates) in Phase II's for which you provide us support.

Paulette Jones, Meadowlark Science and Education, LLC
Thank you for the opportunity that you've given Meadowlark Science and Education, LLC with this award.  As you'll see the group has done amazing things with the grants that we've been fortunate to acquire.  We've submitted two Phase I grants that will be reviewed later this year.  We look forward to getting those funded.  Both of you have been great to work with and I hope that we get the chance to do so again.

Laura Smith, Westscape Wholesale Nursery

To everybody that contributed their support in the form of letters, technical and financial assistance, and to our strategic partners for the USDA-SBIR Phase II Grant - A Process for Control of Annual Invasive Bromegrasses and Enhanced Establishment of Native Species in Post-Fire Applications - we are pleased to announce that the project has received full funding.  Again, from all of us at Westscape we thank everybody for their support, without which this project would not have been possible.  (June 2015)

Laura Smith, Westscape Wholesale Nursery
Our proposal to USDA/SBIR Phase II has passed the validation and has been received by NIFA and we have a proposal number.  Thank you again for the financial support which gave us more critical data to include in our grant proposal and greatly enhanced the strength of our proposal.

Brian Park, Montana Emergent Technologies, Inc.
We have completed negotiations on our Phase II STTR, the contract award for $1,000,000 has been finalized, and we are off and running.  Or should I say off and biomineralizing?  Thanks once again for your support, it has been very helpful.

Sally Taylor, GeneSearch, Inc.
You have both been wonderful to work with and your efforts on behalf of small business owners in Montana is greatly appreciated.

Brian Park, Montana Emergent Technologies, Inc.
Stage 2 Funding
We would like you to know how grateful we are to the Matching Funds Program for approving our Stage 2 application.  We very much appreciate it, the funds will be very helpful.

Brian Park, Montana Emergent Technologies, Inc.
Stage 1 Funding
We greatly appreciate the Program's support in commercializing our biomineralization technology.  We feel this support complemented our STTR Phase 1 work quite well, and made for a better STTR Phase II proposal. Again, thank you very much.

Richard Clarke, Yellowstone Scientific Instruments
This funding was very helpful in getting our Air Force SBIR program running, and I am grateful to your organization for its support.

S2 Corporation - Air Force Phase 2 Evaluator
This is precisely the kind of work these SBIR extensions are intended for.  Bravo!!

Anne Marie Quinn, Montana Molecular
MSMFP funds were essential for the successful achievement of the ambitious business and scientific goals Montana Molecular set for 2013.

Jon Nagy, NanoValent Pharmaceuticals
We were successful in getting Phase II funding for our NanoValent #12-50-RCSBIR-004 project.  This was a huge accomplishment and it is due partially through the MSMFP funding that allowed us to get critical studies finished and employ a consultant to assist in our commercialization plan preparation.  So, thanks for your help again!

Paul Taylor, GeneSearch, Inc.
The funding from the Montana Matching Funds program has been very helpful in filling gaps and delays resulting from interruptions in federal funding.  The program is working.

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