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The Montana Forest Product Marketing & Exhibitor Assistance Program assists Montana forest product businesses to market and promote their products to new and existing domestic and international markets.  This is accomplished in part by providing financial assistance to businesses to develop and enhance marketing materials and media, and to exhibit at conferences or events to showcase their Montana forest products. 

This assistance comes in the form of 50% reimbursement of qualified and approved expenses for:

  • Activity 1: marketing materials and media, and/or
  • Activity 2: conference/event exhibition up to a maximum of $2,000. 

These grants are offered as part of a multi-faceted Montana Wood Promotion Campaign to:

  • educate, inspire and facilitate the use of Montana wood in construction,
  • increase awareness of the environmental and economic benefits of buying Montana wood, and
  • make Montana wood products easier to identify and source. 

As the Montana wood products promotion campaign succeeds, potential customers will be looking for Montana wood products, and it is imperative that Montana wood products are well positioned in the market.  For Montana wood products businesses, creating or enhancing websites and showcasing wood products at conferences/events targeting customers will be valuable in marketing Montana wood products. 

The Montana Wood Promotion Campaign is administered by the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, in collaboration with the Montana Department of Commerce, University of Montana, Montana World Trade Center, and Montana wood manufacturers.  The Montana Department of Commerce and Department of Natural Resources and Conservation have partnered in this grant program to provide business assistance to Montana’s forest products sector.  Funds for this program are provided through the 2015 Wood Innovations Grant from the USDA Forest Service. 


  1. Private-sector, Montana based company manufacturing or selling a Montana forest product or adding value to a forest product in Montana.
  2. Company must be registered with the Montana Secretary of State.  (To find out if you’re registered, click here.  For help with registering, click here.)
  3. Grant application provided adequate proof that the marketing materials/media or event is an appropriate fit for the company. 
  4. The Montana Department of Commerce and Department of Natural Resources and Conservation will make the final decision as to a company’s eligibility for this program.


Activity 1: Marketing

This grant may be used to provide a 50/50 cost-share reimbursement of the expenses incurred for developing marketing materials and media.  This may include, but is not limited to, website development or updating; and design, production and printing of marketing materials, brochures and handouts. 

Activity 2: Exhibitor Assistance

This grant may be used to provide a 50/50 cost-share reimbursement of the expenses incurred for exhibiting at domestic and international events.  This may include, but is not limited to, exhibitor booth/table fees, booth equipment, developing and purchasing exhibit/promotional materials (graphics, banners, signs, literature holders/racks), shipping, and event advertising. 

Exhibition events may include, but are not limited to conferences/trade shows of the following associations and/or target audiences: Architecture Institute of America, Montana Building Industry Association, Joint Engineers Conference, Montana Contractor’s Association, and home and garden shows. 

Transportation, meals, lodging and payroll expenses are not eligible for reimbursement. 


This program is based on a 50% reimbursement of eligible expenses incurred. Funds are not disbursed until actual receipts are submitted after costs are incurred and paid.  

A company may receive 1 award per State of Montana fiscal year (July 1- June 30). The total individual award is limited to 50% of the actual eligible expenditures not to exceed a base amount $2,000 per company.  The minimum amount is $300.

The business shall function independently in performing the exhibition activity and shall assume sole responsibility of any debts or liabilities that may be incurred in regard to the applied for trade show.  The award cannot be assigned.


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