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"I'd like to express our great appreciation for your support...These grants enabled Wintermute to complete pivotal tasks, as necessary to move toward clinical trials for our new drug product...We have successfully raised Series A funding for the company, off the back of the work that was completed under the two MBRCT grants.  This Series A funding will allow us to progress our new drug product into Phase I clinical trials, which represents a major milestone for our company." Dr. Geoff Rogers, CEO and Executive Director, Wintermute Biomedical, Missoula

"While at the American Society for Microbiology Biofilm conference, held in Washington DC, it was extremely apparent the huge impact the MT R&C funding has had on an entire field!  The reactors that were developed and standardized with funding from the board really have changed the way biofilm research is done.  Even the key note address referenced one of our reactors (Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor)." Darla Goeres, Center for Biofilm Engineering, Montana State University, Bozeman

"Thank you for working with us over the past year on this MBRCT project.  We made great progress over the past year, secured additional funding for this project and have entered discussions with several partners that could bring substantial capital investment and jobs to Montana." Jay Evans, Inimmune Corporation, Missoula

"The progress and accomplishments we've made related to our goals of producing a suite of radar sensors for the UAS industry could not have been accomplished without the MBRCT grant." Doug Roberts, Flat Earth, Inc., Bozeman

"Inimmune has filed a new provisional patent application based on the work from the MBRCT grant and we are currently in discussions with multiple VCs and companies interested in an investment in Inimmune.  The strong return-on-investment for this MBRCT award will help the Biotech Industry in Montana and the local economy.  Thanks again for your support."  Jay Evans, Inimmune Corporation, Missoula

"We have had some interesting and promising progress and our altimeter is looking good.  We hope to begin commercialization in the next 3 to 4  months.  None of this would have been possible without MBRCT funding."  Doug Roberts, Flat Earth Inc., Bozeman

"Once again the Montana Board of Research & Commercialization Technology Grant has helped us get another great idea from concept to reality and to the market place."  Jeff Golini, All American Pharmaceutical, Billings

"Wintermute has opened a series A round of funding July 1, 2017 and has generated $1.1 million in equity funding...We will begin the FDA required chemistry and manufacturing process with Tergus Pharrma here in the United States...I wanted to thank you, Dave Desch, and the MBRCT board for giving us critical funding to reach these milestones.  Quite literally, we could not have done it without you!"  Thomas Rau, Wintermute Biomedical, Missoula

"Please let the Board know that our commercialization activities continue to go very well and we expect to more than double our annual sales again.  So far in June we have large orders from both Merck and Novartis, two of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world.  Our continued growth would not be possible without MBRCT and MSMFP suppprt."  Anne Marie Quinn, Montana Molecular, Bozeman

"The funding over the past many years that the MBRCT has provided, along with guidance and advise from both of you, has played an instrumental role in our successes.  Just based on the fact that grant $ returns from the last award were over $7.5M speaks to the synergism between our Neuroscience Center and the MBRCT."  Richard Bridges, University of Montana, Missoula

"MBRCT support has been so important for us!  We are in the process of hiring a new PhD scientist who grew up in Helena and graduated from MSU.  He moved to Boston to do his PhD at Harvard, and he and his fiancé moved back to Bozeman in July. "  Anne Marie Quinn, Montana Molecular, Bozeman

"Thanks for all your support, you truly run a great program."  Zeb Barber, Montana State University Spectrum Lab, Bozeman

"Bringing biological products from discovery to market is a slow process with the need for testing at commercial scale and time required for regulatory approvals.  But we are now beginning to realize commercial success.  Support from the Board of Research and Commercialization has been crucial."  Clifford Bradley, Montana BioAgriculture Inc., Missoula

"This and previous research projects funded by MBRCT to MSU-Spectrum Lab have returned significant economic benefits that are sometimes easy to trace to an individual project (AdvR's sales to S2 Corporation), but often are benefits that are hard to directly attribute to any particular project.  For example:  Dr. Russell Barbour was hired at MSU-Spectrum Lab after this proposal was submitted, but before it was selected for funding.  During his first year at MSU-Spectrum Lab (and Montana, being originally from Scotland and having moved from Seattle with his wife for the position), he was partially supported on this project.  He provided most of the experimental effort including characterizing the NLO optical waveguides.  During that time Dr. Barbour and Dr. Barber brainstormed and invented a new technology based on tunable microcavity filters.  Russell Barbour has since moved on from MSU to form a company in Bozeman, called Advanced Microcavity Sensors (AMS), based on this new technology.  MBRCT is providing funding for that effort and AMS recently received an NSF SBIR award for further commercialization effort.  While AMS's technology is largely unrelated to the technologies investigated in this effort, this MBRCT project played a role in providing that opportunity."  Zeb Barber, Montana State University Spectrum Lab, Bozeman

"Once again I would like to let you and Dave know how much Microbion and I have appreciated MBRCT support for this study...The skin irritation study and the new sensitization study will be used to support our upcoming regulatory filing with FDA for our chronic wound infection program.  So you can see that with MBRCT's help we have made great progress in our clinical development program over the past year." ... Patricia McKernan, Microbion Corporation, Bozeman

"I just wanted to give you a brief update on the Wintermute project that the MBRCT funded last year.  We are scheduled to meet with the FDA in Washington DC on August 18th for a pre-investigational new drug application meeting.  After this meeting we will complete the toxicology and chemistry/manufacturing for the phase l/ll clinical trials.  I wanted to thank you and Dave again for your support that got our project off the ground!"...Thomas Rau, Wintermute, Missoula

"Here is MSU's FY '15 Follow-on Funding Report.  As you can see there continues to be benefits from the generous investments of the MBRCT.  Thanks for another great year."...Leslie Schmidt, Assistant Vice President for Research, Montana State University, Bozeman

"We would like to thank the MBRCT for its support over the last year.  This is a very valuable program to support technology growth and small business success for Montana."...Dr. Peter Roos, Bridger Photonics, Inc., Bozeman

"...we have created a new company that can trace part of its roots to former MBRCT support.  Our MBRCT grant for MEMS Variable Focus Lenses several years ago helped us to transfer our mirror technology to Bridger Photonics.  BP has now spun that effort out as a stand-alone activity with a new company Revibro Optics, LLC, with Chris Arrasmith as the CEO..." - Dr. David Dickensheets, Montana State University, Bozeman

"The results of, and benefit received from, this study were well beyond my expectations...I want to personally thank both of you and the MBRCT for supporting this study. It will truly make a difference for many thousands of contact lens wearers in need of a better solution for their vision requirements." - Clinical Evaluation of Wavefront-guided Progressive Multifocal Contact Lens Stephen Dunn, Principal Investigator, WaveSource, Inc., Kalispell/Whitefish

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