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The MicroBusiness Finance Program (MBFP) administers funding for the MicroBusiness Development Corporations (MBDCs) located across Montana. MBDCs work with Montana-based businesses with fewer than 10 full-time equivalent employees and gross annual revenues of less than $1,000,000. 

Certified MBDCs:

  • Provide loans up to $100,000 to qualified microbusinesses;
  • Provide training and technical assistance to qualified microbusinesses; and
  • Underwrite and service their microloan portfolios.



Montana-based businesses with fewer than ten full-time equivalent employees and gross annual revenues of less than $1,000,000 can apply for a microbusiness loan up to $100,000 by contacting a MicroBusiness Development Corporation (MBDC). MBDCs provide capital to start or expand a business, training and technical assistance, and pre- and post-loan training valuable for the success of a small business.

About the MicroBusiness Finance Program (MBFP)

Since the inception of the MBFP in 1991, over 1,250 loans have been made across the state, totaling over $30.8 million and creating and/or retaining approximately 3,150 jobs.

A non-profit corporation interested in becoming a certified MicroBusiness Development Corporation (MBDC) should contact program staff for further details. To find out more about the Legislative intent of the Program click on MCA 17-6-401 thru 17-6-411 for the MicroBusiness Development Act. To learn more about the requirements to become an MBDC click on ARM 8.99.401 thru 8.99.405 and 8.99.501 thru 8.99.511 to review the current Administrative Rules for the MBFP.

Click on a link below to find out more about how to apply for a business loan from an MBDC near you:


Bear Paw Service Region


Bear Paw Development Corporation
48 Second Avenue, Suite 202
P.O. Box 170
Havre, MT 59501


Bear Paw Development Corporation


Great Falls Development Authority Service Area


Great Falls Development Authority


Great Northern Development Corporation Service Area


Great Northern Development Corporation
233 Cascade Street
Wolf Point, MT 59201


Great Northern Development Corporation


Headwaters Service Area


Headwaters RC&D Area


Montana Business Assistance Connection Service Area


Montana Business Assistance Connection, Inc.
225 Cruse Avenue
Helena, MT  59601


Montana Business Assistance Connection


Montana Community Development Corporation Service Area


MoFi [Montana and Idaho Community Development Corporation]
229 E Main Street
Missoula, MT  59802


Montana Community Development Corporation


Montana West Economic Development Service Area


Montana West Economic Development


Native American Development Corporation Service Region


Native American Development Corporation


301 S. PARK AVE. | P.O. BOX 200533 | HELENA, MT 59620-0533 |  T: 406.841.2870 |  F: 406.841.2871 | TDD: 406.841.2702

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