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Montana Trade Show Assistance Program


Exhibiting at a wholesale domestic trade show can boost your sales, help make key business connections, and diversify your market.  The Montana Trade Show Assistance Program grant can help fund your next domestic trade show exhibition through 50% reimbursement of your cost associated with the show, plus travel stipend.

*Submit your application at least 15 days before the show.


Download the application to get started (click here for the Word Version or PDF Version).



  • 50% reimbursement of trade show expenses, up to $2,500
  • A travel stipend for 1 staff per company up to $500 (importers, in-country reps, and distributors are NOT eligible for the stipend)
  • After you've applied, received notification of award, and completed your activity, please submit to ExportMontana the following:
    • Reimbursement Request – due 45 days after the show
    • W9 form – due with reimbursement request
    • Copies of receipts of expenses
    • A picture of your booth

Eligible Expenses

  • Booth/space rental
  • Booth equipment, furniture, and carpeting rental
  • Booth utility costs
  • Promotional materials (product flyer specific to show, booth signage, etc.) 
  • Shipping, storage, drayage (cost of moving freight at exhibition site) and show labor
  • Travel expenses (airfare or mileage, hotel)

Ineligible Expenses

  • Expenditures directly related to the operation of the business (staff salaries, printing of generic business brochures and handouts, product samples, general advertising not related to the sales/trade event).
  • Meals, taxis, etc.

Please review the guidelines if you have addtional questions.



Contact ExportMontana if you have any questions abou the Trade Show Assistance grant program.

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