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Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund Planning Grant

The Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund Program (BSTF) Planning funds are awarded to eligible applicants to assist with economic development planning efforts that promote long-term, stable economic growth in Montana. Applications which support a critical activity to move an economic development project forward and directly assist a basic sector company are the highest priority for the Department.

Please reference the application information and guidelines for further information on the eligible activities and requirements for funding. It is highly recommended that potential applicants contact the Department for guidance and funding availability before submitting a formal application.

Contact Annmarie Robinson, Section Manager at 406.841.2250.

Eligible Applicants

Funds are available the following entities, applying on behalf of an eligible business:

  • Certified Regional Development Corporations (CRDC), for projects located within a CRDC region;
  • Local or Tribal governments;
  • Other economic development organizations, which are located in a county that is not part of a CRDC region and have been approved by the Department as meeting program eligibility requirements.

Eligible Activities

Planning funding is awarded for economic development planning activities in Montana for the following activities:

  • support for business improvement districts;
  • central business district redevelopment;
  • industrial development;
  • feasibility studies;
  • creation and maintenance of baseline community profiles;
  • matching funds for federal funds;
  • preproduction costs for film or media; and
  • administrative expenses.


Typically no more than $27,000 per application.


Local participation, commitment or local buy-in is one of the ranking criteria. Typically projects have been providing a $1 for $1 match to show the local commitment. In-kind conributions are not considered match.

eLearning Webinars are available to guide you through the application and award administration process. Available webinars for Planning Projects include:

Webinar: How to Apply for Planning Projects GrantsHow to Apply for Planning Projects Grants 




Webinar: How to Administer Planning GrantsHow to Administer Planning Projects Grants

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