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Water People Tours welcome visitors from the United States and all over the World, including our friends from Canada!  Are you looking for a gorgeous, fun-filled place during your stay in Montana? Well, you came to the right place, in the beautiful Flathead valley.  Water People Tours provide a one-of-a kind experience with interesting Kootenai historical facts and stories relevant to Kootenai aboriginal territories (British Columbia, Alberta, Montana, Idaho, and Washington) including the Flathead Valley, Flathead Indian Reservation and Glacier National Park.

Keya BirdsbillI am a Kootenai Native and the Great Great Grand Daughter of late Kootenai Chief Baptiste Mathias. I am familiar with the area, history and can answer a variety of questions regarding the Kootenai in the aboriginal territory on the Flathead Reservation, around Flathead Lake and Glacier National Park.  Water People Tours is more than just sightseeing we offer informative briefings on the areas origins and significant events that have taken place here and the surrounding areas.

The Kootenai have been referred to as the Water People because they were very adept around water and developed original tools and equipment (such as the sturgeon-nosed canoe and fish traps) that facilitated their life in and around bodies of water. Today all 7 of the modern Kootenai Tribes residing in the US and Canada continue to live around major lakes and rivers.

As a direct descendant of our Kootenai Chiefs and brought up in a traditional Kootenai home, I'm happy to have the opportunity to provide you with a one of ­a kind tour experience by sharing the stories and the oral history that has been passed down to me by my elders.  Here are some ideas for your next trip to or through the Flathead Valley:


  • Fishing Montana’s finest lakes and streams
  • ‘Glamping’ in a Teepee
  • Learn Ktunaxa Target Hoop Games, Shinny or Stick Games

Art & Culture:

  • Demonstration of sturgeon nose canoes
  • Demonstration of tule tepees
  • Art Galleries
  • Demonstration of shinny or stick game
  • 4th of July Celebration
  • Standing Arrow Powwow
  • Museums
  • Cultural Outdoor Hikes

Museum Tours:

  • Ninepipes Museum
  • People’s Center
  • Polson Flathead Historical Museum
  • LaRue Hot Springs Museum
  • Miracle of America Museum

Kootenai Historical Itinerary/Tour Package (Friday, Saturday and Sunday Only)

Glacier National Park or Flathead Lake Tours

The Kootenai, Wild Horse Island, Chief Cliff, the Big Draw

Other tours:

  • National Bison Range
  • Soaking in Natural Hot SpringsModerate Hiking (lunch offered)
  • Deep Creek Hikes
  • Swartz Lake
  • Mud Creeks
  • Aboriginal Kootenai Trails in Glacier National Park

Interested in a custom tour? Please call or fill our the following form so we can discuss options for tours of the National Bison Range, Glacier National Park, bird watching in the Wild Life Refugees, hiking in the Mission Mountains, fishing or if you are interested in therapeutic and unique healing mechanisms I can bring you to a hot springs. 

Would you like a tour around the lake before dinner or a tour of the town? Whatever it may be, we have tours that will ensure that you have one of the best memories of your vacation by providing entertainment to suit your particular needs.  Online booking is available at: https://www.waterpeopletours.com/book-online

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