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Indian Battle Tours provides step-on guide services to Indian battles and historic sites throughout southeast Montana and Wyoming.  Select from the following tours depending on how deep you want to dig into history:

1 Hour Tour

Little Big Horn Battle Tour- Your guide will step on to your vehicle and provide you a one hour overview of interesting points of the battle and key locations of conflict.

6 Hour Tours

Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument, Indian Encampment and the Natives and Custer's Route to Battle- Dig deeper into the backstory of this historic battle and confluence of several tribes and military on that fateful day of June 25, 1876.  

Battle of Rosebud Tour- Visit Rosebud Battle Site, Deer Medicine Rock & Cheyenne Museum (Northern Cheyenne Reservation)

Pryor Creek Battle Tour- Visit Pryor Creek Battle Site & Chief Plenty Coups State Park (south of Billings)

Fetterman Fight Tour- Visit Fetterman Battle Site, Fort Phil Kearney State Historic Site, and Wagon Box Battle Site (south of Sheridan, WY)

Wild Horse Sanctuary & Bighorn Canyon Tour- Visit Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center, Visit the Horse Sanctuary, Big Horn Canyon and Teepee Rings (Lovell, WY)

Crow Camp Teepee Rentals- spend the night in a Crow Camp teepee! 

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"When it comes to informative tour guides of Montana Indian historical sites, Rose Williamson is the best. Combining her Native heritage and cultural knowledge with incredible research, she wraps it all in a presentation nothing short of stellar. In addition to her work as a private tour guide, Rose personally trains the Crow Tribal tour guides at Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument." (May 27, 2015)

"Took this tour today at Little Big Horn Battlefield. Met Rose, who was from the Crow Nation, she was fantastic at explaining about the famous battle in June 1876. Rose had us memorized at her story, a fantastic experience, thanks again Rose." (May 27, 2015)

"Rose is an authentic, engaging, and animated expert. This is not dry history. She unfolds the battle in front of you and shares a critical piece of history in a fascinating, unforgettable way!" (June 27, 2015)

"This lady combines history with passion - she is the best ever." (October 9, 2015)

"Rose, thank you so much for your wonderful interpretive tour through the Little Bighorn battlefield. I enjoyed experiencing history through your knowledge and expertise. It was great meeting you!" (September 27, 2016)

"I just attended the Montana Tourism Conference and heard Rose talk story. I was on the edge of my seat, this woman is amazing. She not only knows her history she is passionate. I hope to be able to take her tour soon. Thank you!"  (March 14, 2017)


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