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Winter season audience

The primary winter audience has participated in alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and/or snowshoeing at least once in the past year. 

Warm season affluent family audience

Based on Destination Analysts’ research, Affluent Families have a high likelihood to have interest in traveling to Montana and the Rockies.  The Affluent Family Audience is defined as:  

  • Attended college +
  • Married with kids in HH
  • Age 25-54
  • HHI $75K+

Warm season educated traveler audience

Based on Destination Analysts’ research, Educated Travelers have a high likelihood to have interest in traveling to Montana and the Rockies.  The Educated Traveler Audience is defined as:  

  • Graduated college +
  • HHI $75K+
  • 1+ personal trip in past year

The Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development promotes awareness of Montana as a place to visit. By leveraging Montana’s spectacular, unspoiled scenery, charming small towns, exhilarating experiences and hospitality (Brand Pillars) in advertising, Montana’s messaging fosters inspiration and intrigue.

Regions and towns can provide this engaged and interested audience with more information on where to go and what to do while in Montana. Businesses and resort partners can further support the regions’ and towns’ message by advertising something actionable, such as a sale or deal (this will depend on each JV Partner’s advertising goals).

Match Opportunities = Matching Funds

Match Opportunities provide a way for JV Partners to advertise in front of larger audiences than they normally would be able to afford by taking advantage of the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development’s dollar-for-dollar subsidization of part of the advertising cost.

In order to take advantage of Match Opportunities, JV Partner creative must be co-branded and approved by MOTBD.

JV Partners can work directly with the Hoffman York team for creative production at no cost on Match Opportunities. Your contact for Match Opportunities is:

Kristina Kleinschmidt, Hoffman York
(406) 879-3071

Measuring Your Ad Performance

Measuring the effectiveness of your ads depends on your advertising goals. 


Objective:  Awareness
Measurement:  Impressions, Video Views etc.

Objective:  Interest and Consideration
Measurement:  Click through rates defined as clicks divided by impressions.  The general industry benchmark CTR is around a 0.14%, according to Sizmek research.

Objective:  Consideration, Engagement and Retention
Measurement:  Consider analyzing your web analytics using tools such as Google Analytics to measure bounce rates and pages viewed by traffic source.

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