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Parents Magazine Inspiration Guide – Match – SOLD OUT

The week of June 25, 2018, Hoffman York was notified that the publishing house who owns FamilyFun (Time Inc.) has made the decision to cease publishing FamilyFun magazine to subscribers after the August/September 2018 issue.

With this change, Hoffman York began negotiating a new Inspiration Guide opportunity for the State and JV Partners. The FamilyFun Inspirational Guide will now transition to Parents Magazine Inspirational Guide.

  • Parents Magazines distribution in our geo-targeted states of AZ, CA, CO, ID, IL, MN, MT/WY, NM, NV, ND/SD, OR, TX, UT, WA has a larger circulation 
    • FamilyFun: 542,200
    •  Parents Mag: 612,200
    •  +13% increase
    • All Inspirational Guide rates will remain the same
  •  Parents Magazine has nearly the same percentage of readers who fall into our Affluent Family target audience as did FamilyFun readers
  • The content team we worked with to develop last year’s FamilyFun Inspiration Guide will be the same content team we will work with this year
Parents Magazine helps busy moms and dads navigate the uncharted waters of parenthood. Each month Parents offer trusted content with a familiar, understanding voice. Parents empower today's parents to make the best decisions for their families.

Join Montana in an inspiration travel guide produced by Parents Magazine. This visually creative guide will showcase photos and engaging articles about Montana, to possibly include: top places to eat, suggested activities and must see attractions.

The piece will include custom-curated content by Parents coupled with pages of Joint Venture advertorial content woven throughout.  JV Partners can select a half page ad for $3,398 (for a total buy of $6,796 with MOTBD’s contribution). If constituents are interested in a full page, they are welcome to purchase two half pages. In total, there are 12 half pages available for reservation. Be advised, this opportunity sold out quickly last year; if some partners opt to buy two (2) half pages (to create a full page ad), there will be less than 12 reservation opportunities
The travel guide will be professionally produced and polybagged in Parents Magazine. The guide will be distributed in Parents’ April issue to a circulation of 612,200+ in AZ, CA, CO, ID, IL, MN, MT/WY, NM, NV, ND/SD, OR, TX, UT, WA.

MOTBD will be covering the cost of the editorial guide as well as half (match) the cost of each JV Partner advertorial.

Kristina Kleinschmidt, Hoffman York
(406) 879-3071

Opportunity Details

1/2 Page Advertorial ($3,398)
Full Page Advertorial ($6,796)


Family Fun will write each Partner’s section and there will be rounds of review/edits before finalization.

To create the advertorial, each Partner will supply

  • Bullet points about unique offerings, activities, food/dining, etc. for their region/town/etc.

these bullets will be edited into an advertorial of roughly 80 words

  • Two photos

likely only one will be used, whichever is determined to fit with the overall content better


301 S. PARK AVE. | P.O. BOX 200533 | HELENA, MT 59620-0533 |  T: 406.841.2870 |  F: 406.841.2871 | TDD: 406.841.2702