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Joint Venture Marketing Program

Through the Joint Venture Marketing Program, the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development (MOTBD) aims to provide Joint Venture Partners (JV Partners: regions, CVBs, TBIDs and tourism industry partners) with a variety of affordable joint venture advertising opportunities that leverage the state brand and resources.

The goal is to offer Non-Match Options that shoulder up to MOTBD’s overall plan to make the entire state’s advertising stronger and more cohesive. 

Three $10K Digital Match Packages ($5K MOTBD/$5K Partner) remain available. There are two Sojern Digital Match options and one TripAdvisor Digital Match opportunity still available. All other Digital Match options have sold out. For Non-Match Opportunities, please review that information on the corresponding pages: Non-Match Digital and Non-Match Print. The deadline to participate in the VisaVue Research has passed (8/15/18).

If publications allow, Hoffman York will post Warm Season Non-Match Print contact information as MOTBD finalizes their FY19 print schedule. 


Why take advantage of joint venture advertising options?

By leveraging the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development’s media buy, JV Partners are able to:

  1. Buy into opportunities at lower negotiated rates.
  2. Receive premium positioning in placements within premium content websites.
  3. Capitalize on consumer awareness built by the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development to increase interest and bookings for the JV Partner's destination or business.


How does joint venture advertising work?

Joint venture ads appear among Montana brand ads for increased impact. While the Montana brand ads provide inspiration and answer the question, “Why Montana?,” joint venture ads have the opportunity to provide the answer to “Where/How Montana?”

The Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development has identified three messaging tiers that follow the traveler's journey from inspiration to planning to booking. Tier 1, the State Level, provides inspiration and creates intrigue. Tier 2, the Regional/Town Level, provides a sense of location within Montana. Tier 3, the Business/Resort Level, promotes actionable items such as booking.


The State Level provides inspiration and creates intrigue.


The Regional/Town Level provides a sense of location within Montana.


The Business/Resort Level promotes booking.

It is important that the tiers work together. The Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development creates interest and adds value to the regions and towns. Businesses and resorts further support the regions and towns message, closing the deal.


Other Benefits and Notes

Complimentary Creative
With Match-Opportunities, JV Partners have the option to work with MOTBD’s Agency of Record, Hoffman York, to utilize their resources. For more information or assistance with developing match creative, please reach out to Kristina Kleinschmidt at Hoffman York who will work with you to set up a kick off call to discuss asset deliverables.

Kristina Kleinschmidt, Hoffman York
(406) 879-3071

For creative related to non-match placements, please contact the media vendor directly regarding any creative questions


Agency Service Assumptions and Restrictions for Media & Reporting

  • All campaigns will run in accordance with the IAB Standard Terms and Conditions version 3.
  • Pursuant to the IAB Standard Terms and Conditions, notice to cancel must be provided in writing to Dana Redfield ( and Kristina Kleinschmidt ( 14 days prior to effective cancellation date.
  • Billing will be based on 3rd party audited impressions provided by Sizmek for match campaigns where Hoffman York (HY) is using Sizmek on JV Partners behalf. This stipulation must be included on both the HY signed Insertion Order (IO) and the JV Partner signed IO with the vendor.
  • All match opportunities must first be secured with the vendor by HY. HY will submit half of the IO to the vendor, purchasing the State's portion, and then the vendor will mimic the IO parameters and send directly to the JV Partner to secure the second mirrored half of the buy. Each JV Partner is responsible for reviewing the vendor’s IO including but not limited to geo-targeting (if specified), total cost and terms of payment. Any requests or changes pertaining to a media schedule need to be routed through Dana Redfield and Kristina Kleinschmidt at HY. HY will update IO to inform vendor and vendor will share updated IO parameters with JV Partner.
  • HY will provide monthly 3rd party audited reporting to each JV Partner. Reports will be submitted 1-2 weeks post month and include Impressions, Clicks, Click-Thru Rate, Percent Delivered and Impressions within audited Geography. Any additional reporting needs or ongoing metric requests (e.g. Versatag, conversions etc.) will be on a case-by-case basis and potentially subject to additional fees.
  • For match programs, HY is happy to assist with coordinating geo-targeting specifications with the vendor and to include these parameters on the IO. A minimum of 10-business days written email notice must be provided for all geo-requests. However, please keep in mind (even though vendors may accommodate custom geo-parameters such as radiuses) HY reporting will include geo-verification down to a National, State or DMA level due to the standard limitations of 3rd party verification tools.

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