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2017 Indian Equity Fund (IEF) Small Business Grant

Prior to beginning your online application, you can use this guide and checklist to help you gather the necessary information required in your application: Indian Equity Fund Online Application Guide and Checklist.

The following business financial templates can be used to demonstrate financials of business:

Each application is required to submit a W-9 in order to receive funding from the State of Montana as a grantee.  Please download the following forms and submit it with your online application to for timely reimbursement:

  • W-9 (required of every;grantee)
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Form (to receive funds electronically to a designated bank account) must be accompanied by a canceled or voided check or deposit slip

The Indian Equity Fund (IEF) Small Business Grant is a grant to assist a start-up or expanding Native American business in Montana.  Because of the fund’s ability to offer these grants to be used as equity by the recipient, the fund is able to play a unique role in assisting the growth of Native American small business.  This money can be used for a variety of activities such as the purchase of new equipment or the development of a new product line.  A total of $40,000 is available to fund Native American business applications in each of eight tribal nation areas.

Eligible Applicants

The funds are available to enrolled members of Montana’s federally recognized tribes in Montana and to enrolled members of the Little Shell Tribe residing in Montana. All applications must include documentation of tribal enrollment in the form of a Certified Indian Blood (CIB) Form or tribal ID. An application will be considered incomplete without this information.

Funding Availability

The 2016 application period for fiscal year 2017 funding starts August 1, 2016 and goes through September 30, 2016 for Local Priority (business is located on reservation where applicant is enrolled) and through October 31, 2016 for At-Large (business is located elsewhere in the state than where applicant is enrolled; or Local Priority applicant seeking reconsideration in At-Large round of funding).

For more specific information regarding the Indian Equity Fund Small Business Grant, see the appropriate section of the 2017 Indian Country Economic Development (ICED) Program Guidelines.

Individuals can submit applications on their own or utilize a Native American Business Advisor (NABA) to assist them with their application.Applications must be completed online through the Submittable™ application platform. First time applicants will be required to create a Submittable™ profile which requires a valid email account.

Indian Equity Fund Online Application Guide and Checklist: this guide and checklist will help you to gather the necessary information required in your application.

Acceptance of applications is closed at this time. The submit link will be provided when the application process reopens.


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