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Native American Business Advisors (NABA)

The Native American Business Advisors (NABAs) Grant is a fund to support the activities of Native American community-based organizations, tribal colleges, and tribal government organizations that support private sector business development on reservations and in tribal communities. These entities offer business counseling and credit counseling, and application support to Native American businesses in Montana. The NABAs are a key community asset necessary in the development and success of Native American businesses. To develop this asset, the Program is focused on increasing the technical capacity of the NABA network such as assisting individuals in business start-up, marketing, utilization of business resources, and commercial loan application assistance. Additionally, NABAs will also provide more robust application assistance to the Indian Equity Fund Small Business Grant applicants. A total of $15,000 per year is available to fund up to eight NABA applications in each of tribal nation areas.

Eligible applicants include local Native American development organizations that have offered technical assistance services to pre-venture and established Native American businesses in Montana. Additionally, those organizations that have been awarded NABA grants in the past must either demonstrate a history of submitting timely reports and meeting required performance targets or must provide a detailed plan demonstrating a commitment to meeting reporting, capacity building, and performance targets.

Organizations that are awarded a NABA grant for fiscal year 2018 and meet both performance and reporting requirements for fiscal year 2018 will be eligible to renew their grant for fiscal year 2019 without submitting a new application for an additional $15,000. NABA contracts that do not meet reporting or performance requirements can be terminated within 30 days of notice if corrective action is not taken. If contracts are terminated and/or funds are returned, they can be awarded to contracted NABA organizations with an expanded scope of work.

Current NABA organizations contracted through June 30, 2017:

  • CROW
    No NABA is currently awarded at this time

See the Map tab for contact information for each organization

How a NABA organization can help your business:

  • Business Counseling Services

  • Indian Equity Fund Small Business Grant Application Assistance
    As part of their contract NABAs online platform to the Indian Equity Fund Small Business Grant program for fiscal year 2016 and 2017 funding.  The upcoming cycle of Indian Equity Fund Small Business Grant starts August 1, 2016 and has a Local Priority Applicant deadline of September 30, 2016 (Round 1) and an At-Large Applicant deadline of October 31, 2016 (Round 2). 

  • Commercial Loan Application Assistance
    Where applicable NABAs

  • Credit Counseling Services
    Where applicable, some NABA organizations provide training, workshops, and financial products for individuals to strengthen their financial management skills such as developing and utilizing a budget, understanding and establishing creditworthiness and accessing credit.

  • Referrals to Other Organizations
    NABA organizations are Inclusive Entrepreneurship participants and have a wide network of partners to which they can refer a business for additional assistance.  This includes the Montana Small Business Development Center Network that has 10 locations strategically placed across the state.

If your Native American development organization would like to apply for 2018-2019 Biennial NABA designation and capacity building grant, click on the 'Click Here to Submit' link below:


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