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The Montana District Export Council (DEC) is a volunteer organization drawn from Montana State businesses, governmental agencies and non-profits. The members have in-depth knowledge and experience in international business and are available as a unique source of professional advice to help other Montana firms compete and win business in the international marketplace. 


Montana DEC Vision

To be a prime mover and recognized state leader in support of the international business community and US Department of Commerce (USDOC) efforts to increase export competitiveness and competency; and help more Montana businesses enter, broaden and expand global markets.

Montana DEC Mission

The Montana DEC will contribute leadership, expertise, advocacy, advice, and support to serve Montana’s international business community and work with USDOC’s export training and assistance programs, in collaboration with the US Commercial Service - Montana and other public and private organizations and partners. The Montana DEC will accomplish its mission primarily by initiating and/or supporting collaborative efforts to:

  • Promote awareness and benefits of international trade for businesses, workers, job-creators, education, and the economy.
  • Counsel and train regional businesses on how to export, best export practices, and export assistance resources.
  • Organize, co-sponsor and support trade-related conferences, workshops and other educational and networking opportunities.
  • Disseminate Web-based and other information about industry-and market-specific trade potentials and opportunities.
  • Advocate for policies, laws and regulations that encourage exports, reduce trade barriers, and promote global trade.

International Trade Event



ExporTech – Montana Manufacturing Extension Center

Feb 28

Montana Department of Commerce, Helena

Manufacturing & International Trade Day – Montana Chamber of Commerce

March 1

Capitol Rotunda, Helena

Regulated Export Training and TechEx Live Case Study – Montana World Trade Center

March 2


ExporTech – Montana Manufacturing Extension Center

March 21

Montana Department of Commerce, Helena

Montana Pavilion at Wine & Gourmet Japan – ExportMontana

April 12-14

Tokyo, Japan

Montana Pavilion at Aero Engine Forum – ExportMontana

April 18-20

Birmingham, United Kingdom

ExporTech – Montana Manufacturing Extension Center

April 25

Montana Department of Commerce, Helena

Small Business Awards – SBA Montana

May 2


DEC quarterly meeting

May 5

Montana Department of Commerce, Helena

Israel Trade Mission – Montana World Trade Center

May 20-26


Montana Pavilion at Laser World of Photonics – ExportMontana

June 26-29

Munich, Germany

DEC quarterly meeting

August 4

Montana Department of Commerce, Helena

Montana-Australia Trade Mission (proposed) – ExportMontana

August 26-31

Sydney, Australia

Montana Pavilion at AIMEX – ExportMontana

August 29-31

Sydney, Australia

DEC quarterly meeting

November 3

Montana Department of Commerce, Helena

  DEC Resource Partners

301 S. PARK AVE. | P.O. BOX 200533 | HELENA, MT 59620-0533 |  T: (406) 841-2870 |  F: (406) 841-2871 | TDD: (406) 841-2702